CAIN Update – 30 November 2015

Items of interest for the Complaints, Accountability, Integrity Network

Service delivery

One year on from the Centrelink Service Delivery Report — A report on the Department of Human Services' implementation of the Ombudsman's recommendations
This is a follow up report on implementation of Ombudsman recommendations made in an April 2014 report. While it relates to the Commonwealth Department of Human Services, it addresses a number of issues that commonly arise in service delivery agencies. Issues dealt with in detail in this report include phone services, handling of documents, records management, online services, internal review of decisions and internal complaints mechanisms.
Commonwealth Ombudsman, September 2015


Department for Education and Child Development – Removal of a foster child
Report into complaints by foster carers about the way allegations against them of failure to comply with standards of care were investigated. The report concluded that the Department acted in an unreasonable manner, including delay in dealing with the complaint.
Ombudsman SA, October 2015

Children's Commissioner Annual Report 2014-15
NT Children's Commissioner, September 2015


Investigation into the conduct of a university manager and others in relation to false invoicing
This NSW ICAC investigation concerned allegations that an information technology manager corruptly obtained, or attempted to obtain, benefits by issuing false invoices to three different universities at which he worked over a number of years. It was alleged that the manager caused, or attempted to cause, the payment of false invoices to a private company which did not do any work for any of the universities. It was alleged that the manager and another person attempted to cover-up the false invoices at one university by submitting a false licensing agreement and concocting emails to give the impression work was performed for the university.
Independent Commission Against Corruption NSW, June 2015

Department of the Premier and Cabinet – Employment with incumbent supplier
This report related to procurement processes for IT services worth approximately $19M per annum. It was alleged that, in the face of a number of allegations of poor treatment of staff by a senior officer, the Department inappropriately granted the senior officer leave without pay to work for an incumbent supplier who was tendering for the work. The Ombudsman concluded that the Department appropriately dealt with conflict of interest issues.
SA Ombudsman, June 2015


Anti-Discrimination Commission Annual Report 2014-15
NT Anti-Discrimination Commission, September 2015

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